Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated

Doctor Mace treats the full range of Ear, Nose and Throat conditions including problems involving the neck and mouth. This includes Consultations and Investigations for:

Voice Problems including professional and performing voice

Neck, Salivary gland and Thyroid lumps

Cancers of the mouth, throat and neck

Skin lesions in the Head and Neck

Thyroid and parathyroid disorders

Tonsil problems

Sore throats

Dry mouth and ulcers

Blocked nose and Sinus problems

Nasal Polyps

Rhinitis (Nasal Allergies)

Allergy testing

Swallowing Problems


Balance disorders and dizziness

Hearing problems

Ear Wax Removal


Ear infections and other common ENT problems in adults and children

Fibreoptic video-endoscopy of the throat and voicebox is available at all sites

Hearing tests, Allergy tests and Scans and X-rays can be arranged

Surgery if required for:



Snoring surgery



Sinus surgery

Voice problems

Neck Lumps

Head and Neck Cancers

Transgender voice and neck contouring

Thyroid Lumps

Goitre (Endocrinology referral can be arranged)

Parotid Lumps

Skin lesions

Salivary endoscopy

and many other common ENT operations